About Me

Fellow Blogger's ,Viewers and My friends.

Am sruthi homemaker, I love to eat food which is tasty and healthy , My mom is a best cook for me and i like whatever she cooks for us. she likes to cook different food items. I started cooking at home and i used to learn from my friends and try at home.
That's How i got interest in cooking and Then when I married. I didn't get much  chance to cook as my mother-in-law used to cook, she cook good i got to learn from her a lot. I used to cook special snacks.

 when I moved to USA with my husband and Son, I tried specials for my husband. He likes whatever i cook even he criticize me so that i can improve my cooking . Most of cooking i learned from my mom, mother-in-law and from browsing food sites. I have a good name that i cook excellent from my friends.

  I tried Hyderabadi briyani when i was in USA it was not so good but now i can cook prefect briyani. Now we are in Canada. This is all about my Cooking and That's how i started my blog Desicuisine4u.

  Am very much interested in painting and creative art work. You can see my work on this blog.  when i get some time ill be browsing or painting or update my blog with new cuisine.

  Hope You people like my blog and send me your thoughts, ideas, comments so that i can improve my blog and add more information about Indian culture and tradition.
Thank you for visiting my blog. Visit me again !!!