Modak (Sweet Vundralu) Recipe


    3 - cups Rice Flour
    6 - cups Water
    6 - tsp Oil
    4 -  cups Grated Coconut
    2 -  Cups of sugar or Powdered Jaggery 
    A Little Milk

    Direction Of Modak (sweet Vundralu) Recipe:-
    • Bring the water to a boil and add oil into it for the outer covering. Take off heat.
    • Now add the rice flour, little by little to avoid lumps and cover the mixture and let it cool.
    • When cool, knead it well into dough with a smooth finish in such a way that it should sparkle.
    • Now take the coconut and Jaggery / sugar in a heavy-bottomed pan for the stuffing. Add milk. Keep on low flame with stirring. Stir and take off heat.
    • The mixture should be fairly dry and turn a shade darker. Now make balls with the (covering) dough.
    • Flatten them on the palm or on a surface into a circle. Place the stuffing in it and cover it completely with the dough.
    • Fold the edges tapering to the centre. Now steam-cook the modaks in a cooker for 15 minutes until done.

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