Palli Laddu/Peanut jaggery Laddu Recipe Sankranthi Special

  • Palli /Peanuts  - 1/2 kg
  • Jaggery - 1/2kg
  • Water as need
  • Oil - 1/2Cup

Direction Of Palli Laddu /Peanuts jaggery dumplings Recipe  Sankranthi Special :-
  1. Take Peanuts fry to gloden brown.Remove peel.
  2. Cut jaggery into pecies add 4 glasses of warer.
  3. Make a thick syrup.(you can check thickness of the jaggery syrup by putting in water and make small round)
  4. And should have 1 thread consistence.
  5. Add Peanuts mix well now take out of vessel, then when the mixer is hot make small lime size balls
  6. spread some oil on your hand make dumplings.
  7. When cool store them in a container
  8. These palli ladoo/Peanuts jaggery ladoo last for more than two weeks
  9. Serve Palli Laddu on festival 

Tip:- You can spreed it on a flat surface and make mixer flat when it is hot  and cut into small saqure shape call them as Peanut barfi

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