Mooli Roti/Moolangi Roti/Radish Bread Recipe

• Mooli/moolangi/Radish - 1
• Green Chillies - 5
• Wheat Flour or All purpose Flour - 3cups
• Salt to taste
• Ghee/oil

Directions Of Mooli Roti/Moolangi Roti/Radish Bread Recipe :-
1. Grate Radish/mooli/moolangi .
2. Chop Green chilli
3. Take a Mixing Bowl add Flour, add mooli, green chillies, salt.
4. Mix well (mooli extract water) make smooth dough
5. Keep aside for 15mins.
6. Roll the dough make roti
7. Heat pan add 1tsp ghee place roti on pan and fry both side till golden brown.
8. Mooli Roti is ready to serve.
9. Serve with curd or favourite chutney.

Note: - If you feel dough is very hard add little water, don’t add too much water.

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