TomatoMooga Dal Curry (tomata pesara pappu) Recipe


Mooga Dal -1/3 cup

Tomatoes chopped - 3

Onion chopped - 1

Red chili powder - 1tsp

Salt to Taste

Turmeric powder - pinch

Garma masala - 1tsp

Oil for cooking - 2tbsp

Direction Of TomatoMooga Dal Curry (tomato pesara pappu) Recipe:-

Soak Mooga dal in water for 15mins.
Take a wok heat oil , add Onion chopped , ginger-garlic paste , tumeric pdr. when oion is transparent , add chopped tomatoes cook for 5mins , when tomates halfway cooked add mooga dal (remove water). Cook for 5mins .
Then add red chili pdr, salt and garma masala. cook for few mins and your tomatoMooga dal curry is ready serve with rice or roti .

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