Tomato Chutney

Recipe Description of Tomato Chutney
very popular tomato chutney


1 pinch cumin
6 leafCurry leaves for flavour
6 piece garlic
1 number Ginger
3 number gr chilli
1 pinch hing
1bunch mint optional
1pinch mustard seeds
2 tbsp oil
1 to taste salt
30 grams Tamarind
8 number Tomatoes
1 tsp urad dal

Directions of Tomato Chutney :
Heat oil a pan add mustard,cumin,hing,ginger,garlic and tamrind and saute,gr chillies,curry leaves
add diced tomato salt and cook till well cooked
blend little coarse add water to adjust required consistency and season
temper as shown and enjoy

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