Mint chutney(pudina Chutney)

Mint chutney is a spicy dip made from mint leaves. It is an extremely flavorful condiment, and is served in small quantities. It is one of the most popular Indian chutneys around, as it can be served with almost any food.

½ of a cup of mint leaves, Optionally: separated from stems
¼ of a cup of coriander leaves (Cilantro), Optionally: separated from stems
1 red or green chili pepper chopped
3 tablespoons
salt to taste
1 cup Tamrind pulp

Directions of Mint chutney:-

Heat Pan Fry mint , coriander , gr chilli for 5mins when leaves become tender add tamirind pulp then cook for 15-20mins.
Blend mixer on medium speed in a blender; blend until the mixture has a smooth consistency.
Pour the mixture into a bowl, and serve.

For Tadhka
1 tbsp urad dal
1 tbsp jeera
1 tbsp mustard
2-3 red chilies
7-8 curry leavesa

1. heat a pan with 1 tbsp oil and add all the above ingredients, when mustard starts to splutter add this to ground paste
2. mix well

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