Gulab Jamun without khoya


1 cup milk powder
1/4 cup maida
3 tbsp butter at room temperature
1/4 cup milk at room temperature
a pinch of baking soda
for syrup
1 1/4 cup sugar
1 cup water
1/2 tsp cardomam powder
few threads of Saffron (optional)

Directions of Gulab jamun without khoya:-

Mix milk powder, maida, salt and soda

Then add butter, mix again

Add milk mix again

leave for 10 mins

divide into 10 equal parts make small balls

heat the oil and keep ready

fry it in a low heat, at least for 7 to 8 mins into golden brown color
for syrup

combine all the ingredients and make it boil leave for 1 min and close the heat
pour the balls (jamuns) in syrup

serve warm

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