Ganapathi Vundralu (ganesh Chaturthi special)

" vundralu are the favorite food of ganapathi, so they are special cooked on ganesh chaturthi"

  • Rice Flour (beyam pendi) 250 garms
  • Water as needed

Preparation Of Ganapathi Vundralu(kudumulu):-

  1. Take a bowl add rice Flour , evenly add water make a dough not so sticky .

  • Now make ( meduim marble size ) balls keep in a plate
  • Now you have to steam vundarlu. like idle .
  • Take a cooker add 1 cups of water, now take idle stand keep vundarlu in stand .

  • keep the stand cooker for 1 whistle/still rice cooker shows green color light.

  • vundralu are ready to serve. serve with chutney

Tip:- Take a stainer with big holes instead of idle stand.

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